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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

We have received travel plans from Salt Lake / Ecuador

Elder Roberts returns
July 12th!

He will be reporting on his mission 

Sun July 17th
Alicia Park Ward
1:00 pm

Sun July 31
Altisima Ward
11:00 am

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016


We're still doing great here in Triunfo. We had a very good week this last week, except for the day that one of our lideres came to do an intercambio with us. That always happens, when the lideres come everything ends up not too good, but that's okay.

I got to know a bit more the mission this week. I had to drop off the lider is his sector (Babahoyo) that is half way across the mission, and we had to pass through two places where I had never been before. Babahoyo and Milagro are big zones in the mission, but I had never been there.

Other than that we had the District Presidency come to our meetings this Sunday. We had good attendance, but not quite as full as last week. 

My companion got his flight itinerary today from the mission so that was an interesting experience for him. Well, I don't have much time today, I'm here in the cyber in Guayaquil, we have a reunion with President tomorrow, so we came down early, and now we have to go. Have a great week!

This is the service project we did a couple of weeks ago.

 Here are the members from Troncal.

 Here are the missionaries together. Good times.

 This is an interesting animal. Every time I go to Bucay I find something like this that makes me think, this is what I thought the entire mission was going to be like.

 A lot of people have these over their doors here, but they're always Catholics. This is a family from the branch... BOOK OF MORMON! Just don"t pay too much attention to the pictures they have on it: a Bible and then the "Paloma Catolica"

 Elder Coleman is in love... with bananas!


Well, I guess I will start with the information of the week, I have changes. I will be in Vinces with Elder Clarke, that's interesting news. Elder Coleman also had changes, to Naranjito (close- in the same zone). Umm, so thanks to the changes there's not really much else to say. Also thanks to traveling I don't have much time today. 


Elder Coleman making treats for 

La Hermana Pincay!

 Hermana Nieves and many many little children, the majority are her grandchildren.

 Familia Ordoñez. 
Carlitos left for his mission in Peru last week, and Olga leaves at the end of this month for Mexico!

This is Domingo, we went to say goodbye to him before we left Triunfo. He was one of the coolest investigadores... a future Branch President!


I found the culprit! It's the rice that is making me fat!


 We had a pretty good week this week, even though we weren't working in our sector too much. We had a meeting with President Riggins in Guayquil Wednesday, and we are far enough away that we left pretty early in the day to get there at a reasonable hour, then we got back pretty late on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were normal, then Saturday we had District Conference. President Riggins came from Guayaquil, so we had to be there early to help him with some things, then we had meetings.

On Sunday we were in the church pretty much all day. We had sessions for the District Conference in the morning, and then we watched a transmission from the area. It had been scheduled for the week the huge earthquake happened, so for most places here in Ecuador it got canceled, and this was the retransmission. I had already seen it because in Triunfo we had meetings normal. After that we had consejo de rama (branch counsel), so I was in the church for about 11 hours on Sunday. 

This week we went through and cleaned out the list of people we are teaching, and we realized we don't have many, so we will be focused a TON on finding new people to teach. 

The earthquake on Wednesday, we definitely felt it. We were in Guayaquil in the meeting with President. He had been talking about the big earthquake from last month, and about putting together 72 hour kits, and then I felt something funny. I started looking around at the people, like do you feel that, but no one said anything, then it got a bit stronger. It was ironic that we had been talking about earthquakes and then another came. But there wasn't any damage in my sector. 

Say hi to Brita. She is the daughter of my new Branch President. 

This is my Book of Mormon in Quichua. The language of the natives.


 Vinces is also known as Paris Chiquito, small Paris. Apparently the French had something to do with the establishment of this city almost 200 years ago, and there's a small Eiffel Tower here. 

We have some very good missionaries here in Vinces. About half of us go home really soon actually. For the quality of missionaries we aren't seeing much success, and we're not sure why, but we're trying a ton of different things to make a difference. We have some really cool recent converts, but we don't have investigators who are progressing right now, so we're in find, find, find mode. 

Elder Clarke was in my zone in Triunfo and had cambios just a couple of months before I did. Right now we live with Elder Montenegro, who was with me in Guayaquil, and Elder Nelson, who was with me in Triunfo. Four other missionaries live around the corner from our house and also work in Vinces as there are two branches here.Then there are four more missionaries about two hours away in a branch called Balzar. 

We have a meeting in Guayaquil this week, and then next week we will have the meeting with Elder Rasband.

 We went fishing last week for Pday.

Kissing my fish

 We ate iguana that a member caught.