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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/20 - 1st message from MTC

Hey! So it's my first P-Day!
It's loco how much stuff they have been shoving into our brains in just one week. We have an "investigator" that my companions and I have been teaching in Spanish. It's awesome how well we can communicate with someone after only one week here. I mean obviously it's not perfect but we've had so much improvement in just one week.

So my district is me and four other elders who were all supposed to be in the Mexico City MTC with me. We're all headed to the Guayaquil North Mission and we all got the call about the change on Monday. So I'm in a trio with Elder Taylor and Elder Palmer. Elder Taylor is from South Carolina and he is a super great companion. He is working hard at the language and is great at getting his point across to our "investigator". (He's our "investigator" because next week he is becoming our second teacher, but we're not supposed to know that yet.) My other companion is Elder Palmer. He is from SanTan Valley como abuela and the rest of the Roberts Clan. The other two people in our district are Elders Norris and Hatefi. Elder Norris is from Mississippi and is a major nut-ball. He is hilarious but sometimes he is hard to work with. Elder Hatefi is from Vegas. I was assigned to be District Leader so I guess you could say I'm a pretty big deal... My main job is to pick up the mail from the mail room. (By the way your Dear Elders are getting to me just fine.)

So after one week here I don't really have a whole heck of a lot to say... mostly we are stuck in a classroom for like ten hours a day getting the language drilled into us and studying the scriptures and all that good stuff. I think the funniest thing that happened this week was on the first night. When we got here we had to go through this check in procedure so the people who were showing around the new missionaries took our suitcases and showed us to our rooms and where our classes were then we got straight to work. When we returned to the apartment that night we started unpacking and everything was going fine until Elder Taylor opened his last suitcase and realized that it wasn't his suitcase. In the check in process he got his suitcase mixed up with a hermana (sister) missionary. His face when he realized that he had the wrong suitcase was pure terror. A few minutes after he opened the wrong suitcase someone knocked on the door and told us they had his bag in the front office and that he needed to take the one he had and switch back. That was really funny.
At the MTC we have two devotionals a week, one on Tuesday Night and the other on Sunday night. The first one I went to was the Sunday night devotional. The speaker was Jenny Oaks Baker, she is Elder Oaks daughter and she is some insane violinist so she and her kids played some music for us throughout her talk. Her talk wasn't really about being a missionary which is okay because if I had 12 devotionals exclusively on being a missionary I would get really bored with them. I did like theTuesday night one better though. The speaker was Sister Bonnie Oscarson who is a Young Women's General President or something like that. She talked about the experiences and advice that she and all of her kids who went on missions had for missionaries about to leave. It was a pretty good talk so yeah that was nice.
The way that going to church is set up here at the MTC is you have meetings with every missionary in your zone, and your zone consists of districts. We have 5 districts and about 45 missionaries in our zone. (That's called your Branch) My branch presidency is President Shallenberger, Brother Slangerland, and Brother Dowdle. President Shallenberger is awesome. He talked on Sunday and it was a great talk. He made people laugh and cry at the same time. Okay I'm running short on time so I guess I'm going to sign off.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you. I'm on West Campus and you should post on the blog if anyone wants to write me that would be awesome and I would try to respond to each one of them.
Love, Elder Roberts

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