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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Friday, January 9, 2015


I'm short on time today, but I think my pictures pretty well describe my week. One thing not there is that we found a new investigator. We just talked to him once and invited him to church, and he was like yeah I'll see you there, so we figured he probably wasn't coming cause everyone says that to us... but then he was waiting for us inside the doors of the chapel Sunday. That was super exciting! We're really going to try to focus on him this week. So yeah, that's it.

The Fab Five say Merry Christmas - all back together again!

Got to get those floors nice and clean! This is at the service project we did as part of our trip to Guayaquil.

This is Elder Maggys idea of cleaning.

Here is my church building. Its bigger than our cute little building, but smaller than the Stake Center.

We found Cristiano Ronaldo! This is the type of thing they set on fire here on New Years.

Here's Familia Menoscal. They have three daughters... and now 4 sons. They honestly treat us so well. They recently got called as Ward Missionaries so that's super awesome!

  This week was crazy with New Years and such, but we worked in a cram course on pretty much all of the lessons in one day for a boy in the ward. His parents wanted to be sure he was ready for baptism. They also asked us to sing a song, so we did that as well. We got rewarded cake, and also the opportunity to see a baptism! 

It was Bishops birthday this week.

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