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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

March 2016


My companion and I are sad this week. I left my camera in the house one day and exactly that day there was a ton of cool stuff to take pictures of. My companion had his camera, so he took all the pictures and we were good, until we got back to the house and we realized he lost his camera... with all the photos from his entire mission. We're pretty sure he left it in the taxi we took that night, and it wasn't an official taxi. We talked to the driver a little bit, but he didn't want us to visit him, so we didn't get any of his informacion... sad story.

Other than that we had an okay week. We went to Guayaquil on Tuesday to have a meeting with President Riggins and I saw my MTC buddy Elder Norris. He recently had changes, and is now an office Elder, so he spends the morning and a good part of the afternoon in an office dealing with all of the administrative parts of the mission. He got sick with parasites for the 3rd time in a couple of months so they sent him there to have him close to the best hospital in the mission and to be able to give him better food. Now whatever package or letter you send me will go through Elder Norris before getting to me.

As far as the work we lost a lot of families this week. They were families that we weren't sure were going to progress, but after this week we realized they weren't progressing. But we also found new families, which is good. Triunfo is definitely the easiest place to find people that I've been in. We always have people to teach.

As far as service projects we're just doing small little things right now, nothing major or super cool. And for P-Day activities, we're in Triunfo and there's not much to do here. We come to write, buy food, and then we don't know what to do with the rest of the day, so we usually just sleep... and that's P-Day. 

Also, with your weather report from California, I have an update on El Triunfo... FLOODED! On Saturday we saw the blackest skies ever and that night it rained super hard ALL NIGHT, and it almost got cold... almost. There was a crazy lightning storm, very intense. We woke up in the morning and it wasn't too badly flooded, just some really big puddles, but by the time we left church on Sunday the streets had flooded completely. We had to cross rivers to go anywhere. Only the main street of Triunfo didn't flood. Everyone says the last time Triunfo flooded was like 15 years ago, so it was pretty interesting. Not many people came to church on Sunday and there were a lot of people who had water enter their houses. 

Elder Coleman & Elder Roberts

Here is our pueblito church. It's actually a lot bigger than it looks, we have a hidden chapel. It has to be one of the nicest capillas I've had. It's always super clean and it's really new as well, so that's cool.


We're in a small pueblito, maybe 40,000 people in total that live here, and missionaries have been here for 20 years with 4 missionaries currently in this town. So the majority of people have at least seen missionaries around before, a pretty large number have talked with missionaries in the street, and a decent number have conversed with missionaries in their house at some time, but there's always new people to meet and teach. Just this week we were looking for a reference in a fairly unsearched area and we found a family of 11 who had never seen missionaries before. That was interesting. 

This week I had an intercambio with Elder Llanque. I went to his sector so I was pretty much just following him around the entire time. We had an okay day. We found some new investigators, which was our goal for the day, so that was good. 

As for my sector, we're doing good. Working hard, working hard. We had a really big number of people at church this week, which was cool. the number went from 92 last week to 160 this week. I think the flood last week had a good amount to do with that though. I don't know what we'll do when the ward grows more because with 160 we had a FULL sacrament meeting, but we have a goal to get the attendance higher in El Triunfo this year. I don't know where we'll put the other people, but we'll find the space!


Well, before I knew it my hour was up. I'm not really sure where my time went. Whoops... I'LL WRITE DOUBLE NEXT WEEK!


Well, no double letter this week after all. I spent my time researching all the college information and options you sent.  WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE!

This guy might look cuddly, but he bites really hard!

Lunch is served. ;)

 So many little animals running around...

Elder Coleman freaked out, and got super homesick for the mountains the first time he saw it. 

The temple... 'nuff said.

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