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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Answers e-mail first... In all likelihood I won't be transferred for a few months because I'm probably going to train in a couple weeks, but we'll see. 

I finally got the package with my bedding today, and I also got Christmas packages from Mom & Grandma. So that was cool. No cards from Mom yet, but I have received a few cards, letters, and Dear Elders from other people. They come about a month to a month and a half after they were sent on average. I need to write like a ton of letters! I should have sent them out before now so they could get there by Christmas, but I think that time has passed now. :( 

The new Star Wars is already coming out? Ahh! Yeah, that's on the list to buy so I can watch it when I get home! 

MMMMKAY. So this week we had two interesting high tech service projects. The first one we were whacking termite homes with a broom, and the next one we were pulling weeds and getting bit by a million ants. Really, it hurt how much the ants bit us! 

Other than that, we got sung to by a contact. We were just talking outside his house and all of a sudden he was like, hold on I'm going to go grab my guitar. He ended up singing like 3 songs for us. He's pretty decent, but that was super interesting for sure.

I'm trying to think of other stuff that happened this week, but honestly there isn't much. I went on inter-cambios with Elder Gomez and they have these annoying roosters that are super loud from like 5 in the morning all the way through study time. It's pretty awful. I also had inter-cambios with Elder Meacham this week. They were pretty normal days though... just working in a different sector or with a different companion, but same sort of stuff. 

Oh! Today we saw President Riggins at the mall and he wasn't wearing church clothes. It was really weird to see him out of a suit and tie. I suppose that's how the members feel when they see missionaries in normal clothes. 

So this is what we did for Thanksgiving. The missionaries from my ward and the ward next to us went to a burger place for dinner. It was way different from a regular Thanksgiving, but it was super fun anyways. The interesting thing is that on Thursdays we have a member that makes food for us to take home to eat, so after burgers we went and picked up a second dinner but we just saved it until the next day.

We found Elsa this week! In Ecuador they have this crazy tradition of lighting this "doll" type things on fire. I dont know, my English is already struggling, so I cant think of the word for it. But yeah, so for New Years Elsa will be lit on fire. There are other cool little "dolls" on the streets and it's kind of weird to think they will be burnt in about a month.


I think we need a bigger tree since I got the packages from Mom and Grandma. So yeah, pretty much we're ready for Christmas in the apartment except that the tree is too small. There was a lot of stuff there... pretty crazy.


 Yeah... this is just a picture. There's no fun story or anything. I just felt like taking the picture.


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