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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Some experienced missionaries say it doesn't quite feel like lunch if they don't eat rice. I kind of doubt I will ever feel like that because we eat so much rice that I look forward to every meal without rice. On P-day we go to the mall and eat Carls Jr or something like that and those are amazing lunches.

 Estafany and Jesus moved. They were living with the sister of Estafany, but now are living with the father of Jesus. Since they live in a different ward we can't visit them during the week, so that's a sad thing. They still come to church on Sundays though. We haven't visited Dora in a while because more than anything she just wants to sit and talk with us. She will talk about her family and just about anything for like 45 minutes, but the minute we start talking about what we're going to teach, she says oh I have to do this or that... so yeah it's been a while since we went there. That's the case with a lot of people here. Everyone loves to talk, but not a lot of people love to listen to our message.

This week we shared a video called "El es la Dadiva" a lot. In English it's something like He is the Gift (in spanish Dadiva is a pretty specific word) So we've been talking a lot about Christmas lately. We visited quite a few members and shared this video. It's pretty cool.

Toward Christmas we're going to have a special Christmas Show. All the missionaries from Quevedo are going to sing a couple of songs, and there are some other performers, and it's going to be a really big event that should be fun. So we've been working on that this week. One more fun thing, our President of the Area visited us this week. He had a capatacion (sorry I forgot the English word for capatacion) for us Saturday in the morning. It was really focused in the retention of new members. It was pretty fun. There were missionaries from about 1/3 of the mission there. Yeah... that's pretty much it this week.

We celebrated Elder Arnells birthday in District Meetings with a cake and cola. This is him trying to avoid the tradition of taking a bite of the cake and then getting your face slammed in the cake. Luckily we had Elder Mecham to pull him off the wall and slam his face in that cake!

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