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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015


Sorry I didn't send an email last week. We went to the cyber really early in the day, and no one had written me yet, so I just wrote to president and we left. We were going to head back later in the day, but never made it back because we ended up short on time.

As far as your questions, Spanish pretty much isn't a problem anymore. I do wish I had a little better vocabulary. I still struggle with that sometimes. As for other things to send in the package, you should send more EFY music because Cammi didn't include much of that last time. Also, I kind of miss sour gummi worms, so you can send a package of those. Ties are always cool to get, but don't spend too much because I am really putting a toll on my ties. I can't really think of anything else that is too important. I'm getting less and less "I want that! I want this!" I think it has a lot to do with the situations I see here. I'm probably going to get back home and go into shock with all of the things I have.

As for me this week, we had a capacitacion (training). It was a video for all of the ward councils in the South America northwest region: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Other than that, we did 2 invasion of sectors this week. That pretty much means all of the missionaries from the zone go to one sector and contact for about 2 hours. It's pretty fun. I also had an intercambio and went to a different sector on Friday. We taught a family that my companion and I had contacted a week earlier, but they don't live in our sector, so we had to give the reference to the other elders. They're a super cool family. We went to visit them, and we put a baptism date, and they accepted. I just have to find an investigator like that that actually lives in my sector.

A priest in my ward got his mission call this week. He is going to Honduras. The family invited us over when he opened up his call, and it was super cool! We had a small missionary testimony meeting. Both of his parents served missions, so they shared some of their best experiences, then they invited us to share what we wanted. I just want to say to y'all that I am so happy for this time that I have to serve a mission, I have grown more in this 8-9 months than ever before in my life, and I still have a lot more growth that I will be able to have in the coming year. This opportunity is so special and I have learned so much. So yeah, that didn't make much sense, strangely enough I was able to express it better in Spanish. 

This is a cool teaching tool we use. The first nail is Jesus Christ because he's the base of our religion. The other nails represent a different fundamento (principle) of the church. The nails can change depending on what we want to teach, but they're often Prophets, Apostles, Priesthood, Revelation, Scriptures, and whatever other thing we want to teach, like missionary work, or church attendance, etc... Try it out!

This was a little thing we did for our "Dia de la Mamita" we gave one to all of the hermanas in the ward that do a lot for us. The rice krispies turned out pretty well, the thing that didn't turn out quite as well was the shape of the hearts.

One of the members of the ward has a cat that just had babies, and one of the kittens came out white, so they named it Robert (after their favorite gringo).

My companion took a little nap, and I had a little fun... probably wasn't a very good companion thing to do, but his reaction when he woke up about 15 minutes later was really hilarious.


This week we found an incredibly prepared person to teach. She talked to the bishop, and he presented us to her on Saturday, and we already taught her a watered down version of The Restoration, and she came to church yesterday. That was really awesome to find someone so prepared. We also found a really cool family. The dad is actually a member. He got baptized when he was a teenager, but he hasn't gone to church in years and years and years. We're teaching his whole family now, and I think they're coming to church next Sunday. We're also teaching someone who is pretty much deaf. We have to talk really slow, and really loud, and even then he doesn't always understand things. We end up teaching mostly with pictures and writing down short phrases for him to read, but his vision isn't the best either. It's definitely the most peculiar teaching experience I've had. He's an interesting guy for sure.  So yeah, some good people this week.

I MADE PANCAKES! They were pretty good, but not as good as the ones we make at home.

We went bowling again. It's one of the easiest activities we have that's actually fun. I think I've been bowling more times in Ecuador than in the United States.

This was the sunset the other day. The camera did a pretty good job of capturing it, but not perfect. It was actually a little more vibrant. It was probably one of the coolest sunsets I've seen in my life... just missing the ocean and the beach!

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