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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 2015

June 2015


The weather might be all over the place there, but here it is pretty consistent... hot. We've been in a little transistion from Winter to Summer and we aren't gettting much rain lately, but we still have the sun and heat. The good news is we're headed for the nicest 3 or 4 months of weather here in Ecuador, so until about September we should have days a little bit less hot, and nights that are medio-fresco (I forgot how to describe that in English... A little chilly?)

Today there were cambios, but no one from the zone got changed, so we might have another month together, which I'm okay with because we have some good stuff goin' on in the ward right now. We have a Gold Investigator that is doing super good. Two weeks ago on Friday she saw some people at church and she was curious, so she asked one of them when they had services... and it happened to be the Bishop. On Saturday we visited her, she came to church on Sunday, was super busy during the week so we couldnt visit her until Saturday, but she came to church again yesterday and she is super excited. We also have another family that is super cool. The dad got baptized when he was young and has been menos activo pretty much all his life.

Something else fun this week was an activity we had with the ward. It was pretty much a FHE at the church. Not that many people showed up, but the idea is to make it an every week thing so slowly and slowly more and more people should start showing up. Then this week on Wednesday we helped a family move really quick in the afternoon then back to work.

Probably the funnest thing we did this week was on Saturday. We got a call that morning telling us there was a little MTC activity in the other stake and they wanted us to help, they didn't tell us in what, just that they wanted us to help. So after lunch we headed over there and it turned out that they had had a little seminar thing that morning and in the afternoon each missionary went out with 2 people from 16-24 preparing for their mission. I was with a16 year old named Allan and one a little older named Carlos. It was super awesome. We went out to contact a little, and then me and my kids went to the house of the Elders Quorum President, and we went to visit less actives.

I forgot my camera at the other Elders house so this week there aren't pictures, sorry!


A lot of things have passed in the last week. I had transfers again. When I first heard I was kind of disappointed because Ana (the girl I think I talked about last week) was doing really good and was pretty much ready for baptism. On Tuesday we went to the terminal and I was waiting for my new companion when the assisstant told me I was training and opening a new sector... so that is interesting.

I was with Elder Cordovo and Elder Erickson Tuesday. We just worked in the ZL's area for the day, and on Wednesday morning we went to the temple at 6 in the morning, then from there to the house of President Riggins. We had a small capacitacion for the new missionaries and then got our new companions. My child is Elder Lafuente from Bolivia.

Now I'm in Guayaquil in an area named Guayacanes. It is really different. The houses are really nice and almost American, but it is kind of hard because we can't just walk up and knock on whatever door we want. Everyone has a gate around their house, so we have to touch the doorbell and then it depends if the people want to come out to talk to us or not.

This week we tried to meet a lot of the members. The Relief Society president helped us a ton, she is honestly the best. She helped us find a lot of the members and we also found some really cool people just in the street.

Saturday there was a baptism, which was pretty cool. That's just how powerful we are that we arrived and had a baptism. This week we also found a guy that from NY that is having some serious problems in his life. He went to the church when he was young, but it's been years since he's gone. I just talked to him for like 40 minutes here in the cyber, so I don't have much time... but pretty much it's been a really interesting week.

It was my companions birthday on Friday. This is Elder Lafuente.

This was the baptism on Saturday. Her name is Stefani. She was really excited for her baptism, which was cool!

We went to the temple with the ward on Thursday. We live so close that they just decide one week they want to go to the temple, and the next week we go. In Quevedo we had to have like 2 months notice.


Right now it's just my companion and I in a huge house where 4 Sisters used to live. In this ward they have had Sisters for like 12 years, so we're the first Elders in a really long time. A lot of people are confused and some even think we are from a different church, so it's really interesting.

This week we worked with a good amount of the members in the ward. We are focusing on gettting to know all the members. We are also trying to contact new people. We've found a good amount of cool families, it is just a matter of visiting them and a matter of time. The thing with the sector we're in is that pretty much everyone works during the day and are only home at night so it's a little hard to contact. We're trying to find small ways to do service, and talk to people we find on the streets, and have a ton of FHE with members and their friends.

This Friday we have a ward activity that should be pretty fun for Fathers Day. Oh, this week in church I gave a talk. The microphone was broken, which was pretty much perfect, because it gave me the oppurtunity to invite everyone up to the front. It's weird, here in Ecuador the first people in the chapel go straight to the back and the people who walk in late get the front rows, so sometimes it doesn't really feel too much like a ward family in the Sacrament Meeting. So I asked everyone to filll up the first banks of chairs. I don't really have much else for you, that was my week!


I don't have much time this week and I also don't have pictures. I'll try to take some pictures so you can get an idea what it's like in this sector, and I'll try to do some cool stuff so I can tell you about it! I know you're updating the blog this week, but we really have to go... sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

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