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Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. August 2014 ~ August 2016

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

August 2015


We had a BBQ with a pretty dope family this Sunday to end fast! They are the Family Plaza and they are super cool. There is a recent convert in that house, and some less actives we're working with, and also an investigator, so when we go to that house we get 3 lessons for the price of 1 :O 
Really good BBQ!

This is the Family Cuenca. They are super nice and super cool and we had lunch with them! They came to pick us up at our house so we wouldn't have to walk... not even that far away. It was still really nice. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDELYN!!!! She invited us to lunch on her birthday and then that night to eat cake! She's the bomb. Here in the corner is her boyfriend who is from a different ward and who leaves on his mission in 2 weeks to PERU! So that's the story!

 This is the Family Becerra. This Sunday was their last week here in the ward... Sad face. 
The ward got even smaller.

 This is Alfonso Quijano. He is a recent convert with his family. He was like a really big futbol star in the 60s and 70s. His nickname was El Rey (The King) This is him and his Wall of Fame. This family treats us like their sons. Theyre the best!


So my year mark came and went without anything big happening... I didn't have a super awesome year day, but it wasn't very bad either, just normal. This week we've been back and forth between our sector and the office of the mission. My companion is having problems with his wisdom teeth so he's had a couple appointments in the city with the dentist and this Wednesday they're going to take them out so that should be pretty interesting. We're going to be stuck in the house for a couple days while he rests, so that'll be pretty boring. 

Other than that we had a meeting in The Kennedy (pretty much the main building of the mission) which was the first church building built in Ecuador. We got taught a little about Family History. I don't really have much else to report... we have a couple of investigators that are progressing which is pretty cool... we'll see how things go with that. 


I don't have much to write this week because we were mostly in the house all week with Elder Lafuentes teeth situation. He got SUPER swelled up so that was pretty funny. He's getting a little better already, so that's a good thing. We almost had a baptism this Saturday, but the whole not being able to visit her messed us up, so we had to reschedule the baptism. That was a bummer. I don't really know what else to say... I read a lot of scriptures this week :) That was a good thing. I kind of started to go a little crazy in the house, so I asked for an intercambio for a day to get out of the house and work. I felt bad cause Elder Lafuente was also going crazy in the house, but he couldn't just say I want to leave.


We had a pretty cool week. We worked normal this week. We had Stake Conference and we had a Setenta presiding, Elder Ardila. There were some pretty good (and super long) talks. 

The baptism we were going to have is going to get baptized this week that is coming. In the zone we've have a goal of 15 baptisms, so we're trying to do something really cool... Noche Blanca... White Night. All the investigators will go to the stake center and President Riggins will give a talk and then we will do the baptisms. Super cool! We'll see how many of the 15 actually end up in the water. There are a handful of sure baptisms and some more potentials. 

Yesterday we were visiting one of our investigators and she had this "prophecy" or something I guess. We were talking about baptism and out of nowhere she said "Elder Roberts, one day when you're in your house, you're going to be a really important person in your church. Mark my words!" I was just like okay whatever you say crazy lady (she is a bit peculiar this girl). That was pretty funny. So yeah... that's what I've got for you. 

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