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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 2015


We had a zone conference this week with President Riggins. He talked more about what we had talked about with Elder Calderon. We talked about baptism and did some practices. We went to the temple in the morning which was really nice. When we were going home after they gave me my package. Sand, candy, ties, all the good stuff :) Thanks a ton! As far as clothes I'm doing fine. My shirts and pants are fine, and members have given me 2 pairs of shoes, plus I got my favorite old shoes sewn back together, so yeah... Ecuador!

General Conference was super good. I only was able to listen to the Priesthood session but that's okay because I understood the talks just fine, I did miss hearing the actual voices but that's okay. Almost nobody came to the chapel to see conference, everybody just watched it at home. We were inviting everybody this week but we didn't have that many people come. Well, nothing much else happened... JK! Elder Lafuente had cambios! He is is Duran now. I'm still here in Samanes. I will be training again, so I will get my new companion on Wednesday. For now I'm with Elder Morga. I don't know why they don't like telling me when I'm going to train, they tell other people they're training, but they don't tell me anything, so I show up in the terminal and think I'm just picking up my comp, and BOOM! Elder Roberts you're training! O well... so next week Ill send you a picture of my new companion and all that good stuff :)


So my second kid, Elder Silupú, is doing fine. He's learning and he's really excited and it's all good! This week we had an activity in the Stake. It was to celebrate 50 years of the church in Ecuador. They invited the stake over (Estaca Pascuales) and we had almost 2 thousand people there (supposedly). The missionaries from our stake did a little sketch which was pretty fun. We did a little representation of the Plan of Salvation. It was a fun activity but it was sad cause not many people from my ward showed up. President Riggins was invited to talk so he came. There was food there and Hermana Riggins tried Salchipapa (hot dogs in small pieces with french fries) for the first time in her almost 2 years in Ecuador and LOVED it!

People are already starting to bug me about going home, which is incredible seeing as how I still have most of a year left! I can't imagine how it'll be when I'm actually close to going home. We're searching for investigators right now. We have a couple, but we need more! This week that is coming up we're going to have a huge service activity with all of the stake so that should be pretty fun. Well, that's pretty much it. I'm going to see if I can send some pictures, but I have a pretty gnarly virus on my memory card,  so we'll see if I can do it. That's the bad part about the cybers here, you have no idea what kind of virus you can pick up. Fun stuff,  right? I haven't lost any pictures, but the cyber I was at last week had a virus security system (I don't remember how to call that) that didn't let me open up the files last week. AHH! Bueno, eso es todo! Ten una buena semana y manda saludos a todos allí en casa!


Elder Silupú is from Peru, from a city named Chiclayo. He is 21 and only has 2 years in the church. His family aren't members, and after he met the missionaries we got baptized 6 days later. The service project got postponed, I'm not really sure why, but yeah... it's coming up towards the beginning of November.

As far as me this week, we had an interesting Sunday. A companionship of Elders called me at like 11:30 (after my church and after their Sacrament Meeting) and told me they were going to have a baptism in like an hour and they didn't have baptism clothes, so I had to find a member to take us to our house to pick up the clothes and then over to a different chapel. We got there and they said... hey the baptism got changed to 4 instead... whoops. But that's OK because it gave us time to go to lunch and then pick up an investigator and take him to the baptism. After the baptism we had to go super fast to the stake center cause we had Priesthood Conference. That was the day on Sunday. Hectic!

We had a pretty good week this week. Elder Silupú is learning quickly so that's good :) But we are having some problems working with the ward leaders. We're not really working efficiently together. We'll see what we can do to change that.

 This is a handcart for the activity that celebrated the history of the church. Pretty cool. They didn't let us take pictures as missionaries, so I don't have any pictures of the actual activity.

 Yo y Elder Silupú en el faro!

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