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Thursday, December 31, 2015

November 2015


So we had a Noche de Hogar with President Riggins on Sunday that was pretty cool. We brought a couple of people, and people said they learned a lot, so that's good. Today we went to Parque de las Iguanas! I fed the iguanas mango from my mouth (see picture) which was interesting. 

Ummm... I'm not really very good at writing about what happened during the week... we talked to people, we walked around, we drank water, we slept, and then we did it all again. People are already starting to bug me about how I'm going home soon, I can't even imagine when I get a little bit closer how it will be... interesting. Ummm... I guess that's it for now.

Just feeding the iguanas a little bit of mango... WITH MY MOUTH! A little iguana kiss never did any harm! A ton of Ecuadorians took pictures of the crazy gringo feeding the iguana like this.

Cupcake that someone gave to us. Everyone here is crazy for the minions!

DINNER! So about half  the people in this picture were getting ready to go to the USA for Thanksgiving dinner with the family of the other gringo in the picture. They said they're going to bring me back DR. Pepper!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Elder Clark Kent :)


Okay, so this week I don't really have much to say... I don't have any pictures and well... yah. I'll try harder to do interesting stuff this week.  :) LOVE Y'ALL


This week my companion has been having pain in the wisdom teeth area and it looks like he will have to go to the dentist and have them taken out like Elder Lafuente. We also had to go to the Ministry of something to take out the visa of my companion (that is the most spanish formed sentence - I'm speaking spanglish) There's a family in my ward where the whole family speaks English. The parents are English Professors, the nephew served his mission in Pittsburgh, and the daughter understands everything but doesn't like to talk. So anyway, we were with them this week do a small little service and we were talking a bit of English. I was saying something and I wanted to say mas grande and I said more bigger.... I'm pretty much latino. 

Today there were cambios in the mission. A couple of people from the zone got changed, but I'm still here with ELder Silupu, AND Elder Norris is still here in the zone too. In this transfer we're going to pass the 1 year mark in the mission that we've been together in the same zone... that's a long time! People are already getting ready for Christmas here which is pretty weird. 

UMMM... sorry if the email is a little bit short. I just feel like we do the same things every week, so I don't really have much to write.


So this week I pretty much didn't do anything for fault of my companion. He got his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. We had a last minute meeting with President this week to talk about the new video for Christmas. #hanacidounsalvador  whoops... #latino...  #asaviorisborn. 

Anyhow, I did eat some Thanksgiving dinner this week which was pretty cool. It wasn't turkey, but I did eat some rice, so that's good news. :)

We had the primary program this Sunday at church and some people came that I had never seen before. Good stuff. We also planned what we're going to do for the Christmas activities that we have. We have to sing a couple of songs so that should be interesting. 

Ok that is it I think. Sorry, this week there isn't much cause I really didn't do much, and I forgot my camera at home... next double photos.

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